1 Juli 2013 camptocamp

Camptocamp announces the creation of the „OpenERP Community Association“

Initiated by Camptocamp, in collaboration with Therp, Savoir Faire Linux, Vauxoo and Akretion, the worldwide "OpenERP Community Association" has now been created!

16 November 2012 camptocamp

New Community Organization for OpenERP

Dear Community, We recently talked about joining our efforts to develop new OpenERP modules. For that purpose, we decided to create on Launchpad new projects sorted by topic with new teams to manage them. The goals are: To get rid of …

6 August 2012 camptocamp

Margin computation and analysis with OpenERP v6.1: new modules now available!

Camptocamp recently gathered then summarized some key requirements of its customers (wholesalers, online shops, retailers, distributors and trading companies) in order to develop new OpenERP features. Since B2B and/or B2C product …

15 September 2011 camptocamp

New Webkit financial reports for OpenERP

Camptocamp published a new module entitled ‘account_financial_report_Webkit‘ which provides the following basic legal financial reports: General ledger Partner ledger Trial balance Partner balance …and smaller -but handy- reports …

9 September 2011 camptocamp

New branch organisation on Launchpad

Dear community, I wanted to let you know that Camptocamp has made some changes in the organisation of their branches on Launchpad. As will become the central portal to browse the community developments, we have then …

9 Juni 2011 camptocamp

Linux Journal article: maps in OpenERP by Camptocamp!

The July ’11 issue of Linux Journal published an article on Camptocamp’s new map component for OpenERP. The article is available here. Camptocamp: Official Gold partner in Switzerland, France and Austria (localisation of …

25 Mai 2011 camptocamp

OpenERP GeoEngine / Maps by Camptocamp: general overview

Dear Community, At the 2011 OpenERP Community Days, we presented maps integration into OpenERP (See video). Following this major announcement, the GeoEngine project was created; it originated from a lot of thinking and architecture …

13 April 2011 camptocamp

Maps into OpenERP by Camptocamp

Camptocamp’s Business Solutions and Geospatial Solutions teams have merged their long-term technical competencies and experiences to create a unique and exclusive geolocation component for OpenERP. These developments allow, among …

7 Januar 2011 camptocamp

Camptocamp releases 13 modules for sales/purchases processes !

Dear OpenERP community, Camptocamp just released 13 modules to ease the sales and purchase processes in OpenERP. This release mainly relates to the integration between OpenERP and the Magento E-Shop but will undoubtedly serve other …

2 März 2010 camptocamp

Customizing OpenERP to support international companies

Hi, I am proud to announce the integration of Camptocamp’s work in the future stable version of OpenERP. It took place a few days ago in the trunk branch! This work consisted of improving the management of the multi-company …

11 Februar 2010 camptocamp

Releasing Easy-OpenERP for 1coach

** English below ** Bonjour, L’équipe „Business Solutions“ de Camptocamp est fière d’annoncer la sortie d’Easy-OpenERP, une offre SaaS low-cost pour OpenERP réalisée pour l’un de nos clients, 1coach. …

12 August 2009 camptocamp

Update your OpenERP data by yourself with the new import/export financed by Camptocamp

Hi all! We’re proud to announce the release of a brand new feature in the stable version of OpenERP 5.0.1: the management of OpenObject and PostgreSQL IDs in the import/export system. Camptocamp financed this new feature in order …

8 Juli 2009 camptocamp

OpenERP tax 100% on import

Companies that are making importations often receive invoices from the carrier which does only have taxes. Here is a small tutorial on which you will learn how to input it into OpenERP to be sure that the tax declaration is correct. …

25 Juni 2009 camptocamp

OpenERP data into Google Maps : beautiful, but is it a good idea ?

There is a new very interesting OpenERP Module which imports OpenERP data into Google Map. This module creates a .kml file with all partners and partner turnover data which could be imported into google maps => simple and really …