11 Oktober 2018 camptocamp

Camptocamp selected by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition

he French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition is a major player in the use and enhancement of open source geospatial solutions.

11 September 2018 camptocamp

Floor management with QGIS Server and GeoMapFish

GeoMapFish now offers floor navigation for Geoserver, Mapserver and QGIS Server.

7 Dezember 2015 Yves Jacolin

14th QGIS developers meeting on Canary Islands (part 2)

Here we will only discuss the QGIS extensions system. It is a powerful system available for several QGIS releases and extends the basic QGIS features or add business features.

6 November 2015 Stéphanie Debayle

Mapserver und GDAL/OGR mit PROJ4.8.0 und dem neuen Schweizer Referenzsystem

Just a few weeks ago we posted an article with a news regarding the Proj4 library: the ability to re-project the projection data CH1903 / LV03 to CH1903 + / LV95 using a transformationgrid provided by Swisstopo. This artcile is its …

11 März 2011 camptocamp

Studio 0.5 release

Camptocamp is proud to announce the first release of Studio, an admin tool for MapServer. Studio allows the web administrator to manage the geodata, to stylize them with a wysiwyg MapFile editor and to create a custom  thematisation. …

1 Mai 2009 camptocamp

MapFish for hydrology:

mapfis web site is live ! The main goal of this MapFish application is to provide forecast for river flow and lake level. All this information is provided twice a day and is issued from an hydrological software …

27 April 2009 camptocamp

Making a MapServer + AGG build that doesn’t suck

from the oh-why-wasnt-this-done-ages-ago-dept. Until now, MapServer has relied on an external link to the AGG library, rather than including the AGG source tree as is common in the other cartographic servers (namely mapnik and …

22 April 2009 camptocamp

Google Summer of Code: MapServer projects

The list of accepted students for the 2009 edition of Google Summer of Code has been published yesterday. This year 20 slots were allocated to  OSGEO, 2 of which went to the MapServer project: KML output: David Kana will be working on …

16 März 2009 camptocamp

Mapserver High Resolution Output

During the recent Toronto Code Sprint[1] there was a very interesting topic concerning the use of MapServer to generate high resolution maps suitable for printing, the results of which will be integrating into the future-coming 6.0 …

12 März 2009 camptocamp

Camptocamp at Toronto Code Sprint

Olivier Courtin and Thomas Bonfort were at the Toronto Code Sprint. I look foward to use the great developments made over there in MapFish. The plot starts with a Toronto hotel on the banks of the Ontario lake booked from the 7th to …

12 März 2009 camptocamp

Toronto Code Sprint

The plot starts with a Toronto hotel on the banks of the Ontario lake booked from the 7th to the 10th of March, 4 whole days initiated by Paul Ramsey gathering the C tribe of Open Source GIS. Paul successfuly managed to obtain …