24 März 2020 Raphaël Pinson

Integrating Prometheus with PuppetDB

Many applications are not containerized, and we still need to monitor their nodes. Prometheus PuppetDB SD allows to discover nodes in the PuppetDB and generate Prometheus configurations automatically.

11 März 2020 Raphaël Pinson

Backup your container data

Containers have become a great facility to easily deploy applications, whether locally or on orchestrated clusters. However, containers are ephemeral, meaning their data should be stored externally and should be backed up.

13 März 2018 Raphaël Pinson

A Containers Ecosystem Overview

At Camptocamp, we have been using containers for a few years now and have integrated them with the tools we've used for a decade to automate our infrastructure.

22 Februar 2018 Raphaël Pinson

10 Jahre Puppet!

Im Jahr 2015 feierte, Puppet  sein 10-jähriges Jubiläum. Für uns bei Camptocamp hat dieses Open-Source Software-Konfigurationsmanagement-Tool unsere Art der Systemadministration völlig revolutioniert.

20 November 2017 camptocamp

Open Source Summit, Paris

A major event of the Free and Open Source industry in Europe, the Paris Open Source Summit is the international echo chamber for the multiple contributions of Free and Open Source to current and future digital revolutions.

24 Oktober 2017 camptocamp

Container Einführung bei Camptocamp

Wir bei Camptocamp haben bereits eine lange Tradition vorzuweisen bei der Nutzung von Containertechnologien. So ist die Containerisierung zu einem zentralen Bestandteil geworden und hilft uns der im Internet bereitgestellten und …

8 August 2017 Raphaël Pinson

Keep an eye on your Terraform states

About a year ago, we started using Terraform. Many things we were doing manually in the cloud at the time are now coded.

20 Januar 2017 Raphaël Pinson

Orchestrate Rancher with Terraform

Rancher is a great tool to deploy Docker stacks. At Camptocamp, we have used it increasingly, starting with our infrastructure components. A few months ago, we ported our dockerized Puppet stack to Rancher.

22 März 2016 Raphaël Pinson

Deploying public keys in Docker containers

One of the hard problems to solve when using Docker in production is deploying secrets. In particular, public keys are hard to deploy.

22 März 2016 Raphaël Pinson

Flexible Docker entrypoints scripts

At Camptocamp, we have chosen to take a more flexible approach to entrypoint scripts by using a standard, static entrypoint script calling run-parts on a directory.

22 März 2016 Raphaël Pinson

An Orchestrated Puppet Infrastucture with Docker and Rancher

Docker is changing the face of code packaging, delivery and infrastructure.

5 Dezember 2012 camptocamp

New facts from configuration parameters

On the #augeas IRC channel, it is common to get questions such as: “How can I append to the value of this configuration parameter using Augeas in Puppet?” The answer is invariably: “This is not directly possible, you’d need to …

6 Juli 2012 camptocamp

Puppet workshop for newcomers and beginners

Behind any successful application/Web service, there are persons obsessed by availability and scalability. The development of virtualization and the accession of almost unlimited on-demand services providers (Cloud Computing) forced …

27 April 2011 camptocamp

Puppet Camp EU : Amsterdam, 28-29 April 2011

A delegation of Camptocamp’s Infrastructure Solutions Division will be present in Amsterdam on April 28th and 29th at the second Puppetcamp in Europe. For the first time in addition to traditional track of speakers this event will …

23 September 2010 camptocamp

Case study: Swisstopo on the cloud

Amazon Web Services presents on its website a detailed case study on the deployment on the cloud of the Federal Geographical Data by Swisstopo, the Swiss Federal Office of Topography. Camptocamp successfully carried out this …