9 novembre 2009

MapFish and Cloud Computing

At Foss4G, Claude presented how MapFish applications are hosted in Cloud Computing infrastructure. Don’t miss the video.

3 novembre 2009

Do you like Open Source ?

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has published the document "Clarifying Guidance Regarding Open Source Software ". The content of this document is particularly interesting: There are positive aspects of OSS that …

14 septembre 2009

Forum EPFL 2009

English version further down Le plus grand Forum de recrutement de Suisse : du 6 au 14 octobre 2009 à l’EPFL à Lausanne ! Camptocamp est fier d’être présent au Forum EPFL Start-up Day , le 9 octobre 2009 à l’EPFL . Le …

28 juin 2009

Obama: Cloud Computing & Web 2.0 !

Geoff just posted a very interesting blog regarding cloud computing and Web 2.0.

8 juin 2009

Cloud Computing- partie 1: éléments de compréhension

Ce premier billet introductif au « cloud » sera suivi d’autres billets sur nos activités en matière de dématérialisation des infrastructures et notamment, des Infrastructures de Données Spatiales. Camptocamp allie en effet ses …

30 avril 2009

Open Source Data Center Conference 2009

The first edition of the Open Source Data Center Conference (OSDC) is taking place in Nürnberg during two days (April 29th and 30th). The conference program includes talks on many Open Source Tools for System Administration. Keynote …

18 mars 2009

Resolve conflicts with vimdiff

When several people work on the same set of files, for instance puppet recipes , conflicts happen now and then: marc@lonquimay:/tmp/puppetmaster$ bzr merge -q Text conflict in modules/mysql/manifests/classes/server.pp As every decent …