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State of the Map 2009

10 juillet 2009

I’m currently attending the annual OpenStreetMap conference which takes place in Amsterdam this year. Today’s the "business day", as opposed to the next two days, which will be devoted to the community. For the first time in the (short) SotM history, this business day wants to show how companies currently use OSM data to generate revenue (more precisely, how they would like to ;-).

It’s impressive to see how many business models are based on those mobile devices that are now omnipresent around us. To a point where writing web applications for the desktop seems oldfashioned (no, I’m not kidding) !

The great announcement of the day is that GeoCommons open-sourced their geocoder . This has been applaused by the community.

If you want to follow what’s happening here in Amsterdam, you can watch us live or follow the twits on #sotm09 , and also see the pics which have been uploaded to flick, and properly tagged with sotm09 .

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