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6 juillet 2012

Behind any successful application/Web service, there are persons obsessed by availability and scalability.

The development of virtualization and the accession of almost unlimited on-demand services providers (Cloud Computing) forced the main actors of the IT industry to reassess their work and reinvent ways to manage IT resources.

Even though it has never been easier to have quick access to IT resources, many issues related to installation, maintenance and implementation of new features remain. It is fundamental and required to guarantee the scalability and the availability of hosted services to project managers. Repeated and countless failures and the inability to manage new users can rapidly compromise an application/Web service.

In order to guarantee management, development and maintenance and before talking technicality, it is important to question the conflicting relationship existing since the beginning of the IT industry between services managers (operators or system administrators) and development managers (developers). On the one hand, system administrators are required to maintain production environments as stable as possible, and on the other, developers must constantly deliver new features, very often based on innovative software components.

To face this dilemma and to maximize the chances of a successful project, walls existing between teams and people must be torn down and common objectives promoting collaborative (and not competitive) techniques and tools must be set by the different project teams. From the reconciliation of developers (Dev) and operators (Ops) is born a trend inspired by the Agile method : DevOps! Great tools promoting collaboration, integration and evolution of solutions and persons in projects!

Among these tools, there is Puppet, an excellent framework developed by Puppet Labs and a very active community which has been able in just a few years to revolutionize systems administration and automation. Puppet is typically the kind of tools such as Vagrant or MCollective which made you wonder how it has been possible to work effectively without it in the past.

There are unfortunately very few events on Puppet in Europe but, this year, the first Swiss Puppet Camp will take place in Geneva on July 11 at the Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2012 (RMLL/LSM). It will be a unique opportunity to discover Puppet at the workshop presented by Camptocamp.

More details can be found on the Camp’s eventbrite page and on the conference website.

If you are interested, please register to the Puppet Camp here!

We are looking forward to meeting you,

Camptocamp Infrastructure Solutions Team

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