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Puppet Camp Ghent 2013 & FOSDEM 2013

7 février 2013

Last week, Camptocamp’s Infrastructure Solutions team attended the Puppet Camp 2013 & the Build a Cloud Day in Ghent, Belgium. The event was a great success, with a total attendance of about 200 participants. Judging by the number of new faces, I feel that the European puppet community has significantly grown since last year!

There were many great talks, including presentations on the latest developments in the puppet mcollective agent (which has been summarized in a blog post by it’s author), on the promising augeasproviders project, on the new features in the foreman, on razor, and on « what not to do with puppet ».

Our contribution was to give an augeas tutorial for newcomers, which convinced quite a few people to attend and learn more about the tool. We also spent some time in the open-sessions, defining how a puppet provider for netcf should look like, as well as discussing a lightweight variant of Vagrant using LXC.

Most of the talks were about projects extending puppet or building on top of it in some way or another. It does mean that puppet is becoming more and more a standard part of any IT infrastructure, and no longer a differentiator.

« Build a Cloud Day » was a disguised Apache-Cloudstack conference/meetup. There were other very interesting talks too; how software-defined networking and Ceph are getting integrated opens up to very exciting use cases.

Following the Puppet Camp, we went to Brussels to attend FOSDEM 2013, where the configuration-management and cloud devrooms were the place for us to be. On Saturday, an excellent talk about testing infrastructure stacks particularly caught my interest. On Sunday, the talks on openstack were all excellent.