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OpenShift demo webcast

20 décembre 2017

Did you missed our webinar including the OpenShift Demo? Would you like want to repeat it?

No problem! You can get an insight into the completely open source-based, container platform from Red Hat, thanks to our webcast recording.

The demonstration was based on the GeoMapFish application, which makes it possible to build extensible and functional WebGIS systems in a simple and flexible way. GeoMapFish consists of a WebGIS desktop and administration interface, an API for integrating maps into third-party websites and a mobile version.

This demo shows the possible CI/CD setup within the OpenShift container platform. Apart from OpenShift and Kubernetes, this setup is based on the following services and tools:

  • Github – Version Control Repository
  • Jenkins – software tool for continuous integration
  • Helm – the Kubernetes package manager

You will learn also how to make sure the code can be used quickly and safely for production. This is done by providing every change in a test environment and securing applications and services through automated testing. Since every change is first delivered to a test environment and then to a collection point, you can count on using the production application with just one push of a button.

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