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New version of IFREMER’ Sextant metadata catalog

12 avril 2011

Based on version 2.6.1 of Geonetwork, the new version of IFREMER’ Sextant metadata catalog is now available at (tab « Catalogue »).

The new catalog benefits from the Geonetwork latest evolutions such as validation rules for the ISO norm 19139, multilingualism and service metadata. The catalog offers a tool able to meet INSPIRE‘s interoperability technical constraints of

Integrated as a portlet inside the Liferay, the search interface, based on OpenLayers and Jquery libraries, uses a Geonetwork instance on the CSW protocol.  This protocol has been improved to take into account the « group » to restraint queries.

The Sextant catalog does not use the common Geonetwork rights management. The authentication and the definition of ACL are based on a LDAP directory (Sextant components being managed by a CAS server).

To ease the use of the catalog, the upcoming developments made on the Sextant catalog will include edition interfaces and “business” metadata.

With this release, Camptocamp demonstrates the benefits of communautary developments on Geonetwork through projects led by its customers such as IFREMER with Sextant and Swisstopo with Geocat.

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