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New branch organisation on Launchpad

9 septembre 2011

Dear community,

I wanted to let you know that Camptocamp has made some changes in the organisation of their branches on Launchpad. As will become the central portal to browse the community developments, we have then decided to move some of our contributions from extra-addons to the following projects:

  • : all our generic modules for OpenERP.
  • : all our generic modules for OpenERP in relation to financial management.
  • : all of our customers specific addons for OpenERP.
  • : all of our R&D and work in progress for OpenERP.

All work made by our team will now be committed in these new branches (starting on version 6.0). The process has already been started and more will come very soon. We also decided to publish all specific work made for our customers; we thought you might be interested in taking a look.

Moreover, we just created the GeoEngine project on Launchpad! You’ll find there all developments made by our team to bring the spatial dimension into OpenERP:


Keep in touch!

Joël Grand-Guillaume


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