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MapFish step by step #1: MapFish Client

20 octobre 2008

Hi ! I will now start some blogs describing in more details how MapFish works. As you know, MapFish Client is using OpenLayers and ExtJS. MapFish extends these libraries. Let’s have a look at a concrete example: a map in a complex layout.
In this example (have a look at the source), two main Ext windows are used: the map itself (line 46) and the shortcuts which allow a recentering (line 73).
– The map is defined with OpenLayers and access a WMS server (line 37).
– For the representation of the map widget, MapFish defines the mapComponent which is an extension of an Ext panel.
– MapFish defines also the shortcuts which allow the recentering function (line 127).

In this example, there is no interaction with the MapFish server. All is processed by the browser with Javascript codes from MapFish, Ext and OpenLayers.

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