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Magento Connector: news after our code sprint!

10 juin 2011

Dear Communtiy,

Camptocamp just finished its code sprint on the Magento connector, organized in collaboration with Akretion and Dacrydium, our partner for the Magento side.

Following these 3 exciting days, I just wanted to give you some feedback.

First of all, a few words about the code organization (please see here: . We now have:

  • A stable branch for each OpenERP version named: « openerp6-module » and « openerp5-module »
  • A trunk branch version (focus of devs) called « magentoerpconnect » (as it was before)
  • A Magento part which is still in one branch for now: magento-module

The branch containing the connector was also a bit modified, with the addition of a folder called « magentoerpconnect » in order to meet the new standards. We will also commit in a near future all modules related to the magento connector in this branch. This way, the official extra-addons branch will always contain the generic part of the module (such as base_external_referential, sale_multi_channel, …) while the magentoerpconnect one will contain the specific part for Magento.

Concerning the collaboration, we decided with Akretion to use the blueprints a bit more to let others know what we are working on. So if you intended to contribute, please fill one yourself so we are not making things twice. You might want to have a look on the current developments here:

To conclude, here is a little summary on the code sprint outcomes:

  • Sales order import and sync are based on a flag! Thanks to Dacrydium, we now have a flag on the Magento order to know which ones have already been imported and which ones have not. This will allow us to push further the synchronization between OpenERP and Magento;
  • A generic report with clear error logs has also been coded for all synchronizations. This will allow you to know exactly what went wrong, to make corrections and even replay the synchronization for each selected error!!
  • Improved support of configurable products: we now have a very good interface in OpenERP to manage them. The Magento side of the connector added what was needed to deal with those products types (API CRUD access).
  • First brick built to support the bundle product! We started a generic module to bring this type of products into OpenERP; you will now be able to make a sales order and configure your product the way you do it on the Dell e-shop! A second module will provide this in connection with Magento.
  • Good improvements in the support of discount per line and cart discount (with the taxes problems)
  • Support of JSON field which allows us to overpass the 1’600 attributes limit per product; this is as well a generic module that will not only work in the connector context.

Well, I think these are the main results. Again, I would like to thank all participants from Akretion and Dacrydium for the amazing collaboration and work! Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

For Camptocamp, Joël Grand-Guillaume

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