Camptocamp – Actualités


21 février 2017

“Bronze” sponsor and exhibitor at the FOSSGIS 2017 Conference in Passau, Camptocamp will give the following two talks:

The GeoMapFish framework is an innovative Open Source Web-GIS solution which is broadly and successfully applied in practice. In this talk, an insight into the used framework and features will give an overview of existing applications using GeoMapFish. Further, current and planned updates, features or extensions will be introduced as for example the new editing functions in regards to user roles or the option to directly add QGIS server links. The GeoMapFish framework offers a rich set of functionalities which guarantees a high degree of flexibility and performance. Along the large and interdisciplinary users’ group, new features will be continuously optimized and released. With such a concept and its ongoing enrichments through extensions and framework enhancements, the constant development of GeoMapFish can be ensured.

Additionally, with a tutorial talk, Camptocamp will give an detailed overview about Ngeo applications, provided as an Open Source JavaScript library that enables the combination of OpenLayers flexibility together with the modularity of AngularJS. Ngeo provides AngularJS services and components that can be used as building blocks for Web-GIS applications. We will focus on how Ngeo eases development by showing concrete code examples. The talk will also present the design choices and the guidelines that have been established for using AngularJS in a productive way. From our experience, it is extremely important to constantly adapt to AngularJS best practices and also to document how they apply to the library, in order to ensure that the interface for application developers is uniform.

We are looking forward to seeing you attend our talks and to meeting you on our stand!