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Customizing OpenERP to support international companies

2 mars 2010


I am proud to announce the integration of Camptocamp’s work in the future stable version of OpenERP. It took place a few days ago in the trunk branch! This work consisted of improving the management of the multi-company component in OpenERP. It is now possible to define, for each product and each company, the currency and the price field to assign to a specific product.

Our contribution resulted in the following improvements:

  • Use the new company defined price type (currency and field) for a product
  • Adapt stock accounting
  • Adapt analytic accounting and Timesheet
  • Factorize part of the code to ease the maintenance (mostly in analytic accounting)
  • Add the multi-currency fesature on analytic lines (therefore, making it similar to the financial accounting)
  • Correct the analytic indicators to take care of multi-currency entries
  • Keep the same default setting to ease the transition to the new feature

As a result, it is now possible for companies to  share the same product between them, eventhough they don’t use the same currency and/or same cost price. This applies to  manufacturing companies and services companies, as this improvement concerns both stock and analytic accounting.

We can manage one field per company on the product form to store the cost of a given price type (and so for a given company). This simplifies the price updating quite a lot.

Browsing the analytic account on the tree view now displays the right values according to each account currency!

We also back-port those modules on the current stable version, in the extra-addons branch with the following names:

  • c2c_multicost_base
  • c2c_multicost_expense
  • c2c_multicost_project_timesheet
  • c2c_multicost_stock
  • c2c_multicost_timesheet
  • c2c_multicost_timesheet_invoice
  • c2c_multicost_user_function

More news soon about our next contribution!

Best regards,

Joël Grand-Guillaume

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