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Case study: Swisstopo on the cloud

23 septembre 2010

Amazon Web Services presents on its website a detailed case study on the deployment on the cloud of the Federal Geographical Data by Swisstopo, the Swiss Federal Office of Topography.

Camptocamp successfully carried out this implementation thanks to the collaborative work of its “Geospatial Solutions” and “Infrastructure Solutions” teams.

This innovative Web 2.0 project was made possible thanks to:

  1. the use of the MapFish Framework, whose flexibility and modern architecture fully use cloud hosting,

  2. the implementation of an infrastructure fully observing the philosophy of the cloud, particularly the use of a system of deployment and of server management automation,

  3. the skills and top-notch competencies of Camptocamp engineering teams,

  4. a perfect command of these new technologies.

This study shows the flexibility of the implemented solutions, from a highly efficient and adaptable Web-GIS project set-up on a virtual server to a complete SDI, hosted on the cloud and consisting of more than 50 servers.

AWS, cloud computing, devops, Economy, Geospatial Solutions, infrastructure, MapFish, puppet, Web 2.0

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