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Camptocamp « service company » oriented modules land in OpenERP v6.0!

15 février 2011

Dear community,

We recently pushed through our last work in the official extra-addons branch of OpenERP v6.0. I wanted to inform you a little bit more about them as we thought they could be very valuable to some of you. These modules are currently used by our own company and by some of our customers as well.

First of all, there is a set of modules to better manage your business activities by department by enabling you to indicate the department associated to each business object. It also adds a filter and a ‘group by’ function in the search form which allows you to have a quick overview of indicators per department:

  • crm_department
  • invoice_department
  • analytic_department
  • project_department
  • sale_department

We then published a module to bring some new features in the analytic management of OpenERP.

  • analytic_multicurrency

This development was completed as our company had to share analytic accounts (projects) between our subsidiaries, to allow our teams in France, Austria and Switzerland to work together and share resources. Moreover, all the accounts had to be managed in different currencies (by default, OpenERP doesn’t allow you to share them and doesn’t really handle the multi-currency problematic in analytical lines). With this modules, you can now have an analytical tree like this one (assuming the currency of Company A is in EUR and the currency of Company B is in CHF).

  • Analytic Account/Project A : USD, owned by Company A
    • Analytic Account/Project B : CHF, owned by Company A
    • Analytic Account/Project C : EUR, owned by Company B

We also released 4 modules allowing to add a second analytical axis on some objects. These modules simply add a new field called « activities » which will allow you to easily put down costs and revenue on 2 analytical axis. Unlike the account_analytic_plans from OpenERP SA, this module allows you to make cross-reporting between these 2 axis (like the activity « Communication » and the project « Product 1 Integration »).

  • analytic_secondaxis
  • analytic_secondaxis_project
  • analytic_secondaxis_multicurrency
  • analytic_secondaxis_timesheet

Two addtional modules extend the project management to complete this ‘service oriented’ suite:

  • project_classification
  • project_mrp_extension

The first one will ease the data entry of a new project by setting up a project classification that will complete for you some basic information. The second one is based on project_mrp from OpenERP SA; starting from a sale order it allows you, to:

  • Create new project based on procurement
  • Add tasks to existing project based on procurement
  • Close the procurement accordingly (when the project or the task is complete)

Finally, we released a last simple, but useful, module to add categories on addresses like the ones found on partners. This is particularly appreciated to manage mailing campaigns for example:

  • base_address_category

Well, this is it! Our Business Solutions team truly hope you will enjoy these new features!

Best regards,

Joël Grand-Guillaume

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