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Camptocamp OpenERP4.2 modules set

20 janvier 2009
After more than 2 years of experience working on OpenERP, Camptocamp release a set of modules to improve the stability of version 4.2 . As lots of projects have been undertaken for services companies, most of the improvements have to do with these companies. Besides, lots of financial corrections have also been completed.
All these modules are available in the extra addons branch on launchpad for version 4.2. Here is the bazaar link:

These modules are:

c2c_base_accou nt:
  • Adds check on important fields, such as: account code must be unique per company account, can not enter null value in the invoice factor if a project defines one, etc…
  • Improves some views, such as: move line entry, supplier invoices, etc…
  • Adds useful menus, such as: All supplier invoices, All payment order, etc…
  • Improves a number of wizards, such as: payment order and chart of account

c2c_analytic :

  • Adds "required = True" on important field in the environment of a services company which will use OpenERP to manage its projects.
  • Avoids duplication problems of analytic accounts


  • Prints CRM cases listings, sorts by type, date, subject, etc…

c2c_expense :

  • Improves the expenses form view by adding the "Expense" field of the product category
  • Adds useful menus: My paid expenses, My refused expenses, etc..
  • Improves workflow by adding a "Set to draft" node


  • Adds tests and constraints : avoids overlaps, avoids wrong interval according to company’s settings, etc…


  • Adds a report allowing to print payment orders

c2c_analytic_wizard :

  • Adds a set of advanced wizards to manage invoicing based on analytic lines (mostly used by services company): Associate/dissociate analytic lines to an invoice, Create blank invoice, Get all analytic lines recursively from an account
  • Indicator report: allows to print an analytic account with all related invoices and indicators, including down payments


  • Allows to print an analytic chart of accounts


  • Improves greatly the refund invoice wizard, allowing to modify, cancel or recreate a wrong open invoice even if its status is "paid" or "reconciled"


  • Synchronizes translations with new terms, sets a default translation which allows modifications from the "All terms" menu
  • Safe mode available, existing translations will not be overridden if active


  • Adds a special view and report on products, allowing the management of stocks depreciation, based on the last 12/24 months’ input/output.

We hope you will greatly benefit from those contributions. Camptocamp can provide support on the use and/or implementation of these modules. If needed, please contact us by email.

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