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2008 Summary between OpenERP & Camptocamp

7 janvier 2009

A new year is ahead of us, and I think it’s time to summarize what happened for Camptocamp in 2008.

First, have a look at our most popular modules and contributions in 2008:

c2c_budget : A module for advanced budget management: links with analytic and financial accounting, multiple budget and version, and much more…

c2c_planning_management : A module for planning resources in a service company: includes lots of graphical reports and adds activities on planned and completed work for stats…

c2c_reporting_tools : A new report library for OpenERP which allows you to create reports using directly the reportlab API. Most valuable benefits :

– Performance on large report (no rml parsing etc…)
– Simplicity for developpers to write new reports (no need to use RMl, so you really "code" your report)
– Easier to support than RML based
– Efficient for barre / gantt chart with a « tree architecture-like » Analytic Account
– Efficient for simple listing of things (invoice listing, CRM case listing, etc..)

c2c_finance_report : Corrects, redesigns and improves all financial reports, adding lots of new features such as new filter and search criteria, important columns sorting, etc…

l10n_ch : Improves and supports the Swiss localisation for OpenERP (adding electronic payment, BVR scan, account plan, etc..)

c2c_currency_rate_update : Allows to automatically update currency rates from a set of Web services like GoogleFinance,, European Bank, and many more.

OpenERP 5.0 contributions : Camptocamp has completely reviewed and improved the security systems and configuration system of this version.

Our support to the OpenERP project and community:

Camptocamp investigated all distributed versioning tools so to choose the best one for our customers. We initially chose and used Bazaar internally, and then, we appreciated the big advantages Bazaar could provide in an Open Source environment. Consequently, we wanted to help OpenERP become more "Open" and make contributions easy.
So we promoted and recommended Bazaar and Launchpad to our Tiny team. Finally, we built the new community process together with a few other partners at the last Partner Meeting.

At that point, Tiny sprl thought our proposition interesting and made the changes. We hope that the whole community benefits from this(even if you’ve probably had to change your habits!).

Camptocamp also provide high level support to other companies in a multi-company environment, helping them to achieve their implementations. Since we use OpenERP internally, and strongly contribute to make OpenERP multi-company, we have developed a strong expertise on this matter.

Research & development:

  • Camptocamp made a proof of concept to generate HTML based reports using the Python template library Cheetah. Most important advantages:

– Professionnal graphical design
– Use of CSS for page layout and style
– Performance

  • We currently work on a Mac client for OpenERP 5.0, which will be released in beta at the end of January 2009.
  • In collaboration with the Swiss OpenERP Partners (Quod, Open-Net and Prolibre), Camptocamp has created the Swiss OpenERP Alliance ( Luc Maurer, director of Camptocamp, is the actual chairman of this Alliance. The purpose of this collaboration is to improve the Swiss compliance of OpenERP and share competences and developpements.
  • Camptocamp has won a reseach & developpment grant to develop an OpenERP implementation methodology for SMEs in collaboration with swiss universities. This will include the best practices and advices on the requirement and implementation part, but also the technical tools to handle a large amount of OpenERP instances. It will help partners to provide a better support to customers and, at the same time, to reduce their maintenance costs. Camptocamp want to help improve the quality of OpenERP implementations around the world, defining new standards and using a common methodology. Camptocamp decided to share this project with the Swiss OpenERP Alliance. The purpose is to create a real global and generic methodology usable for all OpenERP partners.

2009 will be the year of innovations and communication for Camptocamp. OpenERP 5.0 is coming and we now need to port our module to this brand new version. We will keep you informed about our work each month, writting on our blog.

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  1. gantt chart dit :

    That s good one post but please let me try to learn more from your site a while. Thank you

  2. Hello,

    I’m looking for a tuturial in who to use the module, could you guis send-me someting, please??


    António Anacleto

    • Joël Grand-Guillaume dit :


      Thanks for the interest ! I think you’ll find some examples into the module it-self. There are examples on how to use it.


      Joël Grand-Guillaume