11 mars 2020 Raphaël Pinson

Backup your container data

Containers have become a great facility to easily deploy applications, whether locally or on orchestrated clusters. However, containers are ephemeral, meaning their data should be stored externally and should be backed up.

23 avril 2019 Stéphanie Debayle

Camptocamp was awarded Silver at the Best of Swiss Web Award 2019!

At the Best of Swiss Web Award Night Camptocamp received the Silver in the technology category for outstanding technical work.

21 septembre 2018 Stéphanie Debayle

An automated Redis Sentinel deployment on Rancher

At Camptocamp, we have been using Rancher to manage our Odoo deployments for over 2 years, as it helps us create fast, reliable and reproducible deployments.

13 mars 2018 Raphaël Pinson

Une vue générale de l’écosystème de containers

At Camptocamp, we have been using containers for a few years now and have integrated them with the tools we've used for a decade to automate our infrastructure.

22 février 2018 Raphaël Pinson

10 ans de Puppet… et ce n’est pas fini !

En 2015, Puppet fêté son 10e anniversaire. Chez Camptocamp, Puppet a totalement révolutionné notre façon d'administrer les systèmes.

24 octobre 2017 camptocamp

L’adoption des conteneurs chez Camptocamp

Les conteneurs sont indispensables pour faire face à la complexité croissante des solutions informatiques déployées et accessible au travers d’Internet. Camptocamp a déjà un long historique d’utilisation de conteneurs.

8 août 2017 Raphaël Pinson

Keep an eye on your Terraform states

About a year ago, we started using Terraform. Many things we were doing manually in the cloud at the time are now coded.

20 janvier 2017 Raphaël Pinson

Orchestrate Rancher with Terraform

Rancher is a great tool to deploy Docker stacks. At Camptocamp, we have used it increasingly, starting with our infrastructure components. A few months ago, we ported our dockerized Puppet stack to Rancher.

27 octobre 2016 Raphaël Pinson

Camptocamp, new Rancher Labs partner

Camptocamp is proud to be among the few companies selected to kickstart Rancher Labs' Partner Network.

28 avril 2016 Raphaël Pinson

Smart backup of Docker volumes

This is the reason why we created Conplicity, a simple Go tool using Duplicity to automatically backup named volumes of a local Docker engine.

14 avril 2016 camptocamp

Camptocamp Sponsor Or au FOSS4G-Fr 2016

Camptocamp a le plaisir de soutenir l’association OSGeo-FR lors du Salon Francophone des logiciels libres en Géomatique – FOSS4G-Fr – du 10 au 12 mai 2016.

22 mars 2016 Raphaël Pinson

Une infrastucture Puppet orchestrée avec Docker et Rancher

Docker est en train de révolutionner le packaging de code, sa distribution, ainsi que le monde de l'infrastructure.