24 avril 2020 Raphaël Pinson

Virtual Puppet Camp America East

The first Puppet Camp of the year presented very interesting concepts for Windows Automation, as well as compliance enforcement, Terraform integration and more. A virtual success.

22 avril 2020 Raphaël Pinson

Cleaning up Puppet code

Code quality is important to ensure style consistency and easy maintenance. Puppet-lint, Onceover and puppet-ghostbuster help to Puppet code quality.

22 avril 2020 Raphaël Pinson

Automating FreeIPA with Terraform

The FreeIPA Terraform provider allows to automate creation and management of FreeIPA resources.

11 mars 2020 Raphaël Pinson

Backup your container data

Containers have become a great facility to easily deploy applications, whether locally or on orchestrated clusters. However, containers are ephemeral, meaning their data should be stored externally and should be backed up.

13 mars 2018 Raphaël Pinson

Une vue générale de l’écosystème de containers

At Camptocamp, we have been using containers for a few years now and have integrated them with the tools we've used for a decade to automate our infrastructure.

22 février 2018 Raphaël Pinson

10 ans de Puppet… et ce n’est pas fini !

En 2015, Puppet fêté son 10e anniversaire. Chez Camptocamp, Puppet a totalement révolutionné notre façon d'administrer les systèmes.

23 novembre 2017 Raphaël Pinson

Automatic renewal of Puppet Certificates

Everyone who has been using Puppet with a self-signed CA for more than 5 years knows that dreaded time: the time when the CA must be renewed.

9 juin 2015 camptocamp

Open Cloud Day 2015

Swiss Open Systems User Group /ch/open organise le 16 juin à l'Université de Berne le 4ème Open Cloud Day.

28 février 2013 Maxime Wiot

Camptocamp partenaire officiel de Puppet Labs en France et en Suisse

Découvrez comment automatiser, fiabiliser et rationaliser votre infrastructure informatique avec Puppet et Camptocamp !

27 avril 2011 camptocamp

Puppet Camp EU : Amsterdam, 28-29 April 2011

A delegation of Camptocamp’s Infrastructure Solutions Division will be present in Amsterdam on April 28th and 29th at the second Puppetcamp in Europe. For the first time in addition to traditional track of speakers this event will …