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Odoo: Open Source ERP

Odoo is a 100% integrated next-generation Open Source suite of business applications.

This modern model of software design enables a rapid, universal and at lower cost scalability since the solution is supported by both an editor and a large community of developers and users worldwide.

Odoo: features

features odoo

Why choose Odoo?

  1. Open Source ERP solution: the source code is available anytime, your ERP is therefore not an inaccessible black box;
  2. Ease of use: 100% Web solution and attractive and intuitive ergonomics;
  3. Given its modern and innovative architecture, Odoo is a flexible ERP allowing an implementation in phases and truly based on the evolution of your needs!
  4. Odoo is very easily interoperable with any third-paty sofware and/or service (notably via the generic connector developed by Camptocamp);
  5. Odoo benefits from a reliable editor with over 300 employees, a dynamic and structured community offering over 6’000 community modules, and an international network of certified partners.

Historical Odoo Gold Partner in Switzerland and France since 2006, Camptocamp is the integrator of choice for your Odoo projects. Contact our experts today!

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