Find below the latest news and contributions made ​​by Camptocamp.

Odoo Magento Connector for Odoo 8: crowdfunding campaign Funding and development of the Odoo Magento connector for Odoo 8, a new-generation connector for demanding e-commerce businesses, designed by Camptocamp. 17 February 2015 Maxime Wiot Odoo 8 (formerly OpenERP) is here! The latest version of the most successful Open Source ERP worldwide has just been released. Odoo 8 is now easier to use, faster and more comprehensive. 10 February 2015 Maxime Wiot Getting your code ready for Puppet 4 Puppet 4 is just around the corner and it will bring a good deal of changes. Some of them will require to adapt or fix your code 6 February 2015 Raphaël Pinson Puppet Acceptance Testing on Travis CI Camptocamp is developing lots of Puppet modules and is using more and more often acceptance tests with beaker to prevent regressions. 29 January 2015 Mickaël Canévet Drawing large amounts of points with OpenLayers 3 and WebGL OpenLayers 3 supports three different rendering technologies: Canvas, DOM and WebGL. The technology currently used by default is Canvas, the most capable and reliable renderer. 9 December 2014 Eric Lemoine OL3-Cesium Open Source release A joint effort between allowed to start and release the first version of an Open Source community library with the goal to synchronize an OpenLayers 3 Map with a Cesium Virtual Globe. 14 November 2014 Emmanuel Belo FOSS4G 2014: our presentations and workshops Camptocamp attended FOSS4G to discuss and present its new Open Source Geospatial technologies. 24 October 2014 camptocamp Scaling the Puppet Server Puppet Server, aka the Puppet Master on the JVM, is a great project to improve the performance of the Puppet Master. 15 October 2014 Raphaël Pinson Puppetconf 2014 After a busy year of collaboration with Puppet Labs, our Infrastructure Training Leader, Raphaël Pinson, attended the Puppetconf 2014 in San Francisco. 13 October 2014 Raphaël Pinson Odoo Business Apps World Show 2014: meet Camptocamp! Discover Odoo 8 with the editor and Camptocamp in Lausanne (30th October), Zürich (5th November), Paris (2nd December) and Lyon (4th December). 6 October 2014 Maxime Wiot GeoMapFish: release of version 1.5.0 GeoMapFish just released version 1.5! GeoMapFish is an Open Source Web-mapping application. 16 September 2014 camptocamp FOSS4G 2014 is on! The 2014 FOSS4G conference in Portland has begun! Camptocamp participed to the animation of three very successful workshops. 11 September 2014 cphilipona OpenLayers 3.0 is out! Camptocamp is pleased to announce the release of the first stable version of OpenLayers 3.0 4 September 2014 Stéphanie Debayle Camptocamp at the 2014 FOSS4G conference Camptocamp’s core developers of OpenLayers, MapFish and GeoNetwork and will attend the 2014 FOSS4G conference taking place in Portland, OR, USA. 25 August 2014 Stéphanie Debayle SIGGRAPH 2014 Camptocamp attended SIGGRAPH 2014 held in Vancouver (Canada). WebGL is an important part in this event. 15 August 2014 Stéphanie Debayle