Find below the latest news and contributions made ​​by Camptocamp.

Discover Odoo v10 to Odoo MRP Tour in Zurich! As a Gold Sponsor of the Odoo MRP Tour in Zurich, Camptocamp invites you cordially to discover the new features and modules of Odoo 10. 23 May 2016 Patrick Belser GeoMapFish 2.0 is out! GeoMapFish makes a big leap forward with the 2.x versions. The 2.0 is now the first step towards the new cutting-edge interface! 17 May 2016 Elisabeth Leu GEOSummit 2016 conference, Bern From June 7 to 9, Camptocamp will attend the GEOSummit conference, the main communication platform in the world of geoinformation in Switzerland. 4 May 2016 camptocamp FOSSGIS 2016 & AGIT 2016 Camptocamp will attend the FOSSGIS conference which is held this year in combination with AGIT in Salzburg, for the first time in Austria! 28 April 2016 Elisabeth Leu Smart backup of Docker volumes This is the reason why we created Conplicity, a simple Go tool using Duplicity to automatically backup named volumes of a local Docker engine. 28 April 2016 Raphaël Pinson Deploying public keys in Docker containers One of the hard problems to solve when using Docker in production is deploying secrets. In particular, public keys are hard to deploy. 22 March 2016 Raphaël Pinson Flexible Docker entrypoints scripts At Camptocamp, we have chosen to take a more flexible approach to entrypoint scripts by using a standard, static entrypoint script calling run-parts on a directory. 22 March 2016 Raphaël Pinson An Orchestrated Puppet Infrastucture with Docker and Rancher Docker is changing the face of code packaging, delivery and infrastructure. 22 March 2016 Raphaël Pinson FOSDEM 2016: talk and feedback FOSDEM is a great conference dedicated to free and open source software projects! 16 February 2016 Guillaume Beraudo 14th QGIS developers meeting on Canary Islands (part 2) Here we will only discuss the QGIS extensions system. It is a powerful system available for several QGIS releases and extends the basic QGIS features or add business features. 7 December 2015 Yves Jacolin 14th QGIS developers meeting on Canary Islands Camptocamp attended the 14th QGIS Developer Meeting which took place at the University of Las Palmas, Canary Islands, from the 5th to the 8th of November 2015. 27 November 2015 Yves Jacolin Odoo Magento Connector for Odoo 9: crowdfunding campaign Initiative from the community aimed at financing the necessary adaptations to the source code to make the Odoo Magento Connector and the Odoo Connector framework compatible with Odoo 9. 16 November 2015 Maxime Wiot MapFish Print version 3.0: presentation MapFish print is a Java Web application, developed in Java, and its goal is to generate maps in PDF forrnat and in different image formats (PNG for instance). 10 November 2015 Stéphanie Debayle MapServer and GDAL/OGR with proj4.8.0 and the news Swiss projections Just a few weeks ago we posted an article with a news regarding the Proj4 library: the ability to re-project the projection data CH1903 / LV03 to CH1903 + / LV95 using a transformationgrid provided by Swisstopo. This artcile is its … 6 November 2015 Stéphanie Debayle FOSS4G Belgium Camptocamp will attend the first FOSS4G Belgium taking place in Ghent on October 29 and will give two presentations: on geOrchestra and on OL3-Cesium. 27 October 2015 camptocamp