Geospatial training: general information

Presentation of Camptocamp's geospatial training: session types, dates and references.

Terraform : Automate your cloud

This 1-day Terraform training will get you started with cloud automation using Hashicorp's tool.

Docker Training (Open Source)

With this intensive, 2-day Docker training (Open Source, Linux based), you will understand the concepts related to Docker from development to production.

GeoServer: advanced configuration, performance & high availability

Knowledge of advanced GeoServer functionality, optimized server setup and understanding of high availability issues.

Odoo Development Training

Do you want to modify existing Odoo modules and/or create new ones? Then this 3-day Odoo Development Training delivered by #1 experts is made ​​FOR YOU!

Puppet Training – Fundamentals

System administrators, discover how to stop manually managing your servers with our official Puppet Training! Given by a certified trainer.

Hands-on Puppet (Open Source)

Get started with Open Source Puppet with this 3-day training, using Foreman/Puppetboard and r10k.

Puppet on Windows

Puppet also works on Microsoft Windows and we can help you get started with it!

Puppet Practitioner Training

In this advanced Puppet training you will learn why you should manage your Puppet infrastructure the right way. You will design, build and extend modules.

Puppet Architect Training

In this Puppet Architect training you will learn how to design your own infrastructure and define your own right way to implement Puppet.

Git: introduction to distributed repository

Git is a simple and effective distributed file type deposit very much used in free and open source projects through portals such as GitHub.

Augeas Training: Fundamentals

One-day Augeas Training for systems administrators who wish to make most of their IT automation tool of choice: Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt.

Augeas Training: Advanced

Continuation of “Augeas Fundamentals” Training for developers and system administrators who want to write lenses and use the Augeas API.

Manage and administer a geOrchestra platform

The geOrchestra project aims at developing a modular spatial data infrastructure, interoperable and Open Source, based on the best available map components.

QGIS: introduction and news

Update your skills with this upgrade and get an overview of the capabilities of QGIS.