20 janvier 2017

Orchestrate Rancher with Terraform

Rancher is a great tool to deploy Docker stacks. At Camptocamp, we have used it increasingly, starting with our infrastructure components. A few months ago, we ported our dockerized Puppet stack to Rancher.

27 octobre 2016

Camptocamp, new Rancher Labs partner

Camptocamp is proud to be among the few companies selected to kickstart Rancher Labs' Partner Network.

28 avril 2016

Smart backup of Docker volumes

This is the reason why we created Conplicity, a simple Go tool using Duplicity to automatically backup named volumes of a local Docker engine.

22 mars 2016

Déployer des clés publiques dans un container Docker

Un des problèmes complexes à résoudre lorsqu'on utilise Docker en production est le déploiement des secrets, en particulier, les clés publiques sont difficiles à déployer.

22 mars 2016

Utiliser des scripts d’entrypoint Docker flexible

Chez Camptocamp, nous avons fait le choix d'une approche plus flexible des scripts d'entrypoint en utilisant un script standard et statique faisant appel à la commande run-parts sur un répertoire.

22 mars 2016

Une infrastucture Puppet orchestrée avec Docker et Rancher

Docker est en train de révolutionner le packaging de code, sa distribution, ainsi que le monde de l'infrastructure.

20 août 2015

Puppet acceptance tests on Travis CI with docker

Today Travis CI upgraded its infrastructure and now allows using Docker on Travis CI.

9 juin 2015

Open Cloud Day 2015

Swiss Open Systems User Group /ch/open organise le 16 juin à l'Université de Berne le 4ème Open Cloud Day.

26 mars 2015

Puppet Test Driven Development part III: create a custom type and provider

Now that we can install our OpenLDAP server and ensure that it is running, we want to be able to manage OpenLDAP databases.

19 mars 2015

Puppet Test Driven Development: part II – Create a more complex class and refactor it

Now that we have all our setup done and a functional class to manage the OpenLDAP client part, let’s deal with a more complex part: the server class.

12 mars 2015

Puppet Test Driven Development: Part I – Create a simple class

Now that all the setup work from Part 0 is done, you can start writing some code.

12 mars 2015

Puppet Test Driven Development: Part 0 – Set up your environment

Part 0 of the this series of blog posts: we will write a Puppet module that manages OpenLDAP client and OpenLDAP server.

6 février 2015

Getting your code ready for Puppet 4

Puppet 4 is just around the corner and it will bring a good deal of changes. Some of them will require to adapt or fix your code

29 janvier 2015

Puppet Acceptance Testing on Travis CI

Camptocamp is developing lots of Puppet modules and is using more and more often acceptance tests with beaker to prevent regressions.

15 octobre 2014

Scaling the Puppet Server

Puppet Server, aka the Puppet Master on the JVM, is a great project to improve the performance of the Puppet Master.