FOSS4G 2011, Denver, Colorado (USA) Camptocamp will be present at the FOSS4G 2011 taking place in Denver, Colorado, USA from September 12 to 16, 2011. Bronze sponsor of the event, Camptocamp Geospatial Solutions team will present its latest GIS developments, workshops … 25 janvier 2011 camptocamp Mobile JavaScript Code Sprint: Feb. 21 to Feb. 25 2011, Lausanne (Switzerland) Camptocamp and Swisstopo are glad to announce a one week code sprint focusing on Mobile JavaScript that will take place in Lausanne – EPFL – Switzerland … 18 janvier 2011 camptocamp Assurez la réussite de vos projets grâce au support de Camptocamp ! Vous prévoyez de développer un projet basé sur des bibliothèques Open Source ?  Vous êtes bloqué sur un problème que vous ne pouvez pas résoudre faute de compétences en interne ? Vous désirez pouvoir vous appuyer sur des compétences … 15 novembre 2010 camptocamp MapFish at Intergeo 2010! This year, INTERGEO, the world’s largest event and communication platform for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, will take place from October 5 to 7 in Cologne, Germany. The trade fair and conference cover all the key trends … 16 septembre 2010 camptocamp Formation inter-entreprises sur SpatialDataIntegrator : 12 et 13 Octobre 2010 Camptocamp organise prochainement au Bourget du Lac, une session inter-entreprises sur SpatialDataIntegrator intitulée « Mise en place de flux de traitement de données avec Spatial Data Integrator« . … 30 août 2010 camptocamp FOSS4G 2010: Camptocamp’s contributions Bronze sponsor of the event, Camptocamp’s contributions will be numerous. 3 posters: The Web mapping portal of the Swiss Federal Institute of technology, Emmanuel Belo (Camptocamp) A GeoBI Web application with GeoMondrian, … 26 août 2010 camptocamp ExtJS – JQuery – Flash On the client side, MapFish had to make several choices in order to propose one framework for building Rich Internet Applications. The main criteria of this choice was the flexibility, the completeness, the multi browser support and … 1 mai 2010 camptocamp MapFish and OpenAddresses podcasted The goal of OpenAddresses is to create an open and free database of geolocated addresses. You can learn more about this project in the Directions Magazine podcast or in the press release . The ease of use and simplicity of MapFish … 20 avril 2010 camptocamp The Mystic River Electronic Environmental Atlas with GeoExt Nice application. One small hint: use jsbuild to build your javascript library in production environments 24 janvier 2010 camptocamp GeoExt User Extensions … also named GeoExt UX. The idea behind the GeoExt UX is to propose ready to use high level components.Here are some UX: GeoNames Search Test it ! Routing Test it ! Street View Test it ! There is also a Google Earth UX (with … 15 janvier 2010 camptocamp Web TripPlanner with GeoExt A very nice Web TripPlanner has been developped with GeoExt: 15 décembre 2009 camptocamp Beta of the GeoExt UX: StreetViewPanel If you want to integrate Google StreetView within your GeoExt application, the StreetViewPanel can be of interest. A demo can be found hereTesters are welcome for this beta 30 novembre 2009 camptocamp The first GeoExt ux is born: GeoNames Search After some discussion at Foss4g2009, the GeoExt community decided to allow developers to provide additional functionality and UI components built on top of GeoExt. This can be done through the GeoExt ux.The first GeoExt ux is a … 19 novembre 2009 camptocamp GeoExt 0.6 Released The GeoExt community is proud to announce the release of GeoExt 0.6, the second official GeoExt release. This release closes 51 outstanding tickets, including 34 new features or enhancements and 17 bug fixes. We invite you to try out … 15 octobre 2009 camptocamp News from Intergeo 2009 Intergeo is the largest  event of the German geomatic community. It takes place this year in Karlsruhe/Germany between the 22th and the 24th of September. The D-A-CH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) local chapter of the OSGEO … 23 septembre 2009 camptocamp